Tips for Cleaning High Windows

Windows are one of the areas that can make you happy if they are clean. You could be ignoring windows as a homeowner only because you don’t know how attractive they make your home look. It is also easy to ignore cleaning high windows. Cleaning the high windows is a major event since it enough preparation as well as proper timing. Are you planning to clean your high windows and make them shine? Here is stepwise guide to help you have your windows shine.

Plan a day for the task

You shouldn’t just wake up one morning and start cleaning the high windows because you feel like. You need to have a plan for you to efficiently clean your windows. If you clean them at the time when the sun is warming the glass, it may cause streaks. A hot day will only make your windows partly clean and partly streaked. Plan your cleaning for a day when the temperature has been projected to be less than 68 degrees. Moreover, avoid a day when it is raining.

Select how you’ll get to the exterior.

For you to access the exterior of a tall window, you’ll need to choose either too use a ladder, a squeegee with a long handle or both. Never risk hanging out of the exterior window especially if one arm has to be extended. This can cause you to fall and get costly injuries. Ensure you don’t put weight on parts of the roof which could be unsteady since it can result in damage. When using the ladder, ensure you can be able to touch the rungs for you to be at the correct angle.

Prepare the windows for cleaning.

It is likely that your interior and exterior windows haven’t been cleaned for a longer time. The windows could be having cobwebs, leaves, insects and other grim. Use a portable vacuum cleaner, a soft bristled brush and a miniature broom to clean the dirt.

Gather your supplies

Ensure you get all the supplies you need for cleaning the windows before you start. This could include rubber gloves, towels, large sponges, white vinegar, squeegees, two buckets and cloth diapers. Ensure the cloth you use has never been treated with fabric softener to avoid streaking the windows. Paper towels leave lint behind and therefore should never be used in cleaning windows.

Washing of the windows

When cleaning exterior windows, you should mix half water and half vinegar and use it as a cleaning solution. This should be a one bucket as the second bucket is filled with water for rinsing the sponge. Use a sponge to wash the window using the cleaning solution and then use a wet squeegee since a fry one will lack traction. Use a non-ammonia cleaner to clean the frames.