3 Tips to Keep Your Garage Clean and Organized

In this article I will discuss how to keep your garage clean in order to reduce your headache when trying to navigate your way around your vehicle. Are your cars parked in your garage in a mess? Do you have less clutter than you would like? If so, I have some great tips to help you with getting rid of that mess!

Tip #1

Most people who are involved in a home cleaning regimen don’t even think about organizing their garage. However, if you belong to this group, perhaps you do need some decluttering advice. Storing unnecessary clutter in your garage instead of being able to park in it makes no sense at all. A properly organized garage can be quite a project but is worth it to reclaim your Garage Space once again for more efficient and meaningful use, Meaningful usage meaning less clutter.

Tip #2

If you need some help with getting rid of clutter from your garage, I recommend going to your local Home Depot or Lowes outlet. They have many different options available to you. I highly suggest the Slatwall Panels for garage floors. This is a great option because it allows you to keep most of the clutter off the ground and out of your way while keeping some of your sports equipment out of the bottom of your car. You’ll also find a large variety of different shelving and cabinets to choose from.

The next thing I would suggest is a visit to eBay and Amazon. They have a huge selection of different types of shelving. Depending on what you’re trying to store will determine what type of shelving you should invest in. One way to get rid of some of your sports equipment is to use the vertical shelving on your bedroom closet and store your shoes and clothes there. That will free up a lot of valuable floor space.

Tip #3

Another quick and easy solution to organizing your garage is to get rid of all the stuff you don’t need. You should make sure you clear out your tools too. After that you should start looking at organizing your items in categories. The best way to organize things is to make sure you group similar items together.


So to summarize, you have three different solutions for getting rid of clutter from your garage space. The first is to install slatwall panels over your garage floors. The second is to clear clutter from your tools by using cabinets and shelves. The last is to make sure you are organized by category by putting things where you can easily reach them. Once you have sorted through your clutter you will be ready for a fun activity-cleaning your fitness equipment!