Why You Need a Tankless Water Heater

Technician servicing an hot-water heater

It seems every year the tankless water heater debate rears its head once again. Many homeowners are torn between the advantages of a tankless heater and the need for a hot water heater. In this article I would like to give an in depth analysis and pros and cons of both units.

If you have ever read about or considered a tankless heater you will know that they are energy efficient, require less maintenance, and can be installed with ease. So what are the pros and cons of these popular appliances?

Tankless Water Heater Benefits

Tankless water heaters offer both hot and cold water without the use of a storage tank. This is a big advantage when compared to traditional water heaters. As well as saving on space they do not need to store water meaning that there is more available space for other items. When there is more available space, there is also less clutter, which makes cleaning the unit much easier.

Another benefit of tankless water heaters is the environmental aspect. The emissions from using a tank heat system are much lower than those from conventional water heaters. In fact these types of systems have been at the forefront of many green initiatives.

You should also keep in mind that you will want to check out the installation options available with your new water heater. Some models require nothing more than being plugged in. Others need to be plugged into an electric outlet before they work. This is important to know if you plan on installing the heater in a central area or in a separate part of your home.

It might also be important to look for a model which allows you to add on to the hot water supply to allow for more people in your household. As you can see there are many different factors to consider that will help ensure your new heating system will last for many years to come.

Final Words

If you are looking to save money and reduce your impact on the environment then you should definitely consider installing a tankless water heaters. There are so many benefits to this type of systems, which makes them a wise investment for anyone who is looking for a more energy efficient way to heat their water. 

These home improvement tips will ensure that your next home improvement project will go off without a hitch. Tankless water heaters are an excellent choice if you want a clean, efficient and cost effective water heating solution. Be sure to do your own research online to find the right model to suit your budget and personal preferences.…