How to Get Rid of Ants

You don’t really need a bunch of expensive tools or ant removal procedures when dealing with pesky ants. It can actually be a simple matter of calling up your local pest control company and asking them for assistance.

Pest control companies are experts on the types of pests that attack homes in your neighborhood and have the right equipment to get rid of them. Plus, they already know about the most effective and quickest methods of removing these ants.

Tip #1

First things first, you need to understand why you are having trouble with ants in the first place. The biggest culprit for ants is moisture.

When you have a problem with moisture in your home, especially around the baseboards, it becomes a breeding ground for ants. They will build a nest if there is not enough moisture so use caulk around the baseboards, doors, windows, and cracks to prevent this.

If it already looks like your baseboards have been invaded by the ant colony, then you can already apply the right chemicals to get rid of them.

Tip #2

Now that you know why you have ants in your home, it’s time to know the most effective ways of getting rid of them. You can use a product called Hydroprene, which contains a high concentration of gas that stings the ant away.

The gas has a very strong smell, so you don’t want to let too many people inside your home while applying this product. However, it is one of the fastest ant removal products out there so if you have time, you should use it to kill as many ants as possible.

You should only apply this treatment to the affected areas, because you don’t want to spread the poison to any other part of your house.

Tip #3

Another very good way to get rid of ants is to shake a jar of sand in a room where you think there is a large colony of ants. This will drive the ants out of your home, since the sand contains salt, which is a very good insecticide.

Before using sand, however, it’s important to remember that ants will actually take the sand with them if they are pushed around, so you should only use it if there are enough ants to be driven out. Sand will also need to be replaced every few days, so make sure you do this job properly and don’t skip it.

Tip #4

Another product you can use against ants is called Invite Out. It’s a liquid that is sprayed under the furniture and the bedding in your home, and it will kill the ants and drive them away for good.

You should wait at least 24 hours before using it, though, since it may need to sit overnight in order for it to work. Many people recommend using Invite Out alongside some other chemicals for the best results.

Final Words

If you do get rid of the ants that are already in your home, then the next thing you want to know how to remove ants from your home is where they go once you’ve removed them. The problem with most products to get rid of ants is that they kill off the creatures underneath the surface, meaning that they just move down into new places and then you have to repeat the process over again.

While some of the products may have a lasting effect, it might not be very long-lasting. To avoid having to do this, you should hire a pest control company to perform this task. This way, you know that the dead ants will not come back, and you can move on to other parts of your house without the risk of another infestation.